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The Path and the Present

Well, the short of it is I’m a corporate turned 'yogi'. I started practising in 2017 and within six months it had catapulted me on a deeply transformative journey. I was burnt out and felt very overwhelmed and lost, so I (finally) quit my corporate job and stepped into the unknown. Yoga gave me the headspace and courage to take time out from a socially conditioned and stressful life, to instead focus on improving my overall wellbeing and explore what is important to me. To start living life on my terms. To feel more at peace and a have sense purpose.

‘Back to Roots’ represents my journey. Going back to the country of my ethnic roots. To discover, to heal, to grow and to learn this ancient science of the soul. India IS incredible. And, in a spiritual sense it embodies going back to You – your True Self. The most authentic version of You. Our universal state of being which brings harmony within and around you. 

I believe the success of yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures, but in how it positively changes the way we live and promote our relationships. This has led me to what I feel is my purpose (or perhaps one of many) in life – to use this gift to inspire and directly contribute to positive change in the lives of others and the community, by drawing on my experiences and making the benefits of the teachings available to more people. And, not to forget, to have some fun along the way!

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My initial 200-HR Yoga Teacher Training certificate in Classical Hatha from Samyak Yoga Ashram in India provided me with a solid foundation for both my personal practice as well further learning. Samyak Yoga Ashram is one of the best-rated Yoga Teacher Training schools in India - a rare combination of professional training in a traditional yoga ashram with grass roots teachers. I created this video to share this beautiful experience. 

Certificates / CPD

ॐ Classical Hatha residential TTC (200hrs) - Samyak Yoga Ashram, Mysore (India) - Nov 2018

ॐ Hands-on adjusting and assisting (20hrs) - Aram Raffy, London - Sep 2022

ॐ Supporting Yoga Students with Common Injuries and Conditions (6hrs) - Andrew McGonigle (Dr Yogi), London - Oct 2022

ॐ Yoga Philosophy, Pranayama, and Mudra (Bandhas) (45hrs) - BNS Iyengar (student of Sri Krishnamacharya), Mysore (India) - Feb 2023

ॐ Yoga Anatomy (30hrs) - Andrew McGonigle (Dr Yogi), Online - July 2023

I'm accredited and insured by Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK)

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