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Hatha Yoga is a style that is accessible by all. You can select from a range of flexible options that best suits your needs. I offer value pricing, including discounted bundles to encourage regular practice. 

To complete the circle I donate 10% of my proceeds to Project Yogi, whose mission is to spread well-being to the younger generation through yoga, mindfulness and emotional development. 



I hold public classes in Islington (London) including a monthly session at OmNom which includes a meal and promotes community. The Hatha classes are well rounded and open to all abilities, and mats and equipment are provided. Use the link below to view the schedule and join in. Check my instagram for the latest updates


The private instruction allows you to dive deeper into your yoga practice. The sessions are tailored to your requirements and I can better assess and support your unique needs. Prices start from £55/hour. Please get in touch to explore how I can support your journey. 


My corporate background makes me well suited to support with wellbeing programmes and events, which are focussed around countering the stresses of modern-day work and life on the body and mind. Pricing varies depending on your requirements. Please get in touch to see explore how we can collaborate.

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Traditional Hatha classes are a balanced combination asana, pranayama and meditation, and incorporates the use of other less common tools like mantra (chanting) and mudras (energetic hand gestures). The asanas are held for a longer period, with mindful progression from one to another. More attention is paid to basic alignment, therapeutic principles and breath, which helps open the body and calm the fluctuations of the mind. This allows the practitioner to become more present, resulting in greater awareness and relaxation.


The practice will get you out of your head and into your body and breath. The strength of held postures is combined with the serenity of slow pace breath-directed movement, making this class suitable for practitioners of all levels. Modifications and variations are offered.

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The mother of all Yoga styles, Hatha is a powerful tool of self-transformation. The concept is about finding the balance between the two opposing and complimentary forces of nature - Ha (sun) and Tha (moon), for example in other philosophies known as life and consciousness, yin and yang, or Shiva and Shakti. When there is union, between the two, the awakening of higher consciousness can take place.

Hatha was developed in the 10th century to support yogis meditation practises through the use of asanas (postures) and breathing techniques (pranayama) – so that they could withstand longer and longer seated mediations. This concept in the West has been lost by many.

Over time the number of asanas grew from just eight to thousands, and yoga evolved into a more active, strong and eventually athletic form, through the birth of more contemporary styles, its export to the West and influence from other forms of exercise. Although its beautiful to see yoga has become so popular and spread so rapidly, you can see how in certain ways its become disconnected from its roots. Hatha is about balance between the two opposing forces, however, today and particularly in the West, most classes are arguably creating imbalance through the heavy emphasis on physical postures.   

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